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Why You Should Consider A Career As A Dental Assistant

Why You Should Consider A Career As A Dental Assistant

(Updated: 3/31/17)

If you’re looking for a rewarding new career with exciting growth potential, consider becoming a dental assistant. Bright Side Dental is always looking for talented new dental assistants, and we aren’t alone.

Unlike most professions, the need for dental assistant positions is on the rise, with the current growth rate estimated at 18 percent. In addition to job security and a nice salary — the 2015 median pay was $35,980 ($17.30 per hour) — dental assistants derive satisfaction from playing a vital role in modern dentistry.

From prep work and sterilizing equipment, to processing X-Rays and much more, dental assistants perform a number of important responsibilities. Dental assistants also take on the critical role of keeping patients comfortable during their dental treatment.

Considering the anxiety many patients face during even the most routine procedures, patient interaction might be the most important element of a dental assistant’s job. For this reason, it’s important that dental assistants are not only organized and detail-oriented, but also caring and compassionate.

Michigan Dental Assisting School
To become a dental assistant, you need certification. Michigan Dental Assisting School (MDAS) does a great job at preparing students for the real-life challenges of being a dental assistant. Located in Bloomfield Hills, this 10-week course provides students with the fundamental skills needed to become a dental assistant. It does this through a mix of dental assistant courses and hands-on experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Since dental assistants play an important role in processing X-Rays, obtaining an X-Ray Certification is also important. MDAS offers a separate X-Ray Certification for dental assistants. The X-Ray certification course prepares students for employment by training them in X-Ray preparation and exposure.

Dental Assistant Course Benefits
Beyond providing job-specific skills, Michigan Dental Assisting School offers a number of benefits, including helping students prepare for job interviews, and even assisting them with job placement.

At the end of the course you will receive your dental assistant certificate of completion. To receive your certificate, you must successfully pass all exams. MDAS follows a strict pass/fail grading policy, with 80% considered a passing grade.

Once all course requirements have been fulfilled, MDAS may provide a letter of recommendation upon request. This personalized letter will outline the course curriculum, as well as share positive insights abut each student’s performance.

Course Policies
To enroll at MDAS, you must have a high school diploma and/or GED equivalent. You are allowed up to two absences and two tardy days during the entire course. If you fail to meet these guidelines, you will fail the course with no refund or tuition. For a full list of course policies, click here.

Our dental assisting courses are offered throughout the year. Classes start in January, April and September, and are held on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuition is $3,500 (financing is available) and comes with a textbook. You can learn more about this exciting dental assistant training course here.

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