We understand that paying for dental assisting school can be a daunting task. Not just mentally, but financially. Though the Michigan Dental Assisting School, LLC does not offer dental assistant school financing, we do accept some third party financial assistance.

dental assistant during a checkup

Below you can apply for financing through Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union, just follow the steps:

Apply for Financing

  1. Go to www.bbcu.org
  2. Click on AUTO LOAN
  4. Select ‘Signature Loan’ from drop down menu & select Continue for non-members.
  5. Enter loan amount and in ‘Collateral Description’ box, write “Dental Loan”.
  6. Fill out the rest of the form and submit.
  7. If approved, in order to close the loan, you’ll have to visit the Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union. You will need to bring $5.00 and 2 forms of ID to open a Savings Account.

Contact us today and we can help you receive financial assistance.